Wednesday, September 23, 2009


we finally had some of the famous roast pig, lechon, while at the pearl farm. jules thought it was okay. but, i wasn't too impressed. then again, we're southerners so we have high pork expectations.

i look forward to trying it here in cebu next. the cebu lechon is supposed to be far superior to that of any other filipino lechon. anthony bourdain actually dubbed it the best pig in the world. i'm skeptical but i'll let you know.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

lessons in fishdom

okay, i'm an idiot...or maybe that's a little harsh. i didn't see any of you commenting that the lapu-lapu below was in fact just a grouper. as grouper is one of my favorite fish it's no wonder i fell in love with the lapu-lapu.

anyhoo, just thought i would share that we weren't eating some exotic filipino fish-just some grouper with a fun name.

we also found out last night at dinner that the fish we had been calling a "pirate fish" was actually a "parrot fish". which makes me laugh. not because we misunderstood the lady we asked last weekend because, hey, i got about every tenth word she was saying...but, because when she told us the name the wife said "oh!" and then preceded to do her best hook impression and scream "argh matey".

the lady just smiled and nodded.

Monday, September 14, 2009


that big red guy is a lapu-lapu fish. this fish is gets his name from the famous chief lapu-lapu (warning- slight history lesson ahead) who defeated and killed the spanish explorer, ferdinand magellan...although he was technically from portugal but he did work for the spanish crown...okay, okay... in 1521. chief lapu-lapu is quite the hero here on mactan island and this fish seems to be a mainstay.

it can be found at any restaurant or market selling seafood and we've already had our fair share. grilled, sweet and sour or in a soup it has quickly become one of my favorites here in the philippines.

i'm seriously thrilled to have so much wonderfully fresh seafood available to us... but, i'm sure just as i hope to avoid steaks for the rest of the year, mr. lapu-lapu and i will probably part ways on bad terms.

until then i'll just keep getting too much of a good thing!

best meal of 2009?

Obviously, when visiting Japan eating sushi is a must.

Kristy and Will were kind enough to take us out for a true blue sushi experience at one of their favorite places. We saddled up to the sushi bar and from there our experience was totally in the hands of our skilled chef. The extent of our order was drinks as the menu for the night was filled with whatever looked good to our chef at the market earlier that morning and he felt like serving up.

Every single thing placed in front of us was of the highest quality, immaculately executed and ridiculously fresh. Even the best sushi I’ve ever had before pales dismally in comparison.

Seriously, I have no idea how Will & Kristy will ever be able to eat sushi in the States again without groaning in dismay…it will be hard enough for us.

**apologies-everything was gorgeously plated and i wish i had taken more photos.