Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fogo de Chao has got nothing on him…

Our dear  friend in Sao Paulo prepared some traditional Brazilian barbeque for us while visiting them…the master of the bbq

Oh. my. goodness.




Guys, this meat was melt in your mouth, perfectly cooked, spot on seasoned deliciousness.  It has officially taken the first place steak spot away from this guy.

It was like being in our own private churrascaria because the meat just kept coming and coming except there was no little card to turn over to red.   You can learn a lot about people staying in their home and I learned you don’t say “no” to M when it comes to food, beer or wine. 

The next morning when I refused another egg at breakfast  because I was still full from the night before, his wife said “What?  You didn’t eat very much last night!  Just 1 and half steaks, some sausage and some slices of beef.  That’s nothing!”

If we lived in the same city as them I think I’d have to look into buying a cattle ranch.

Best meal we’ve had all year!