Tuesday, July 27, 2010

giving the south a run for its money

southerners in the u.s. aren’t exactly known for their healthy eating habits. americans in general aren’t exactly known for healthy living either. i will say, however , that germans should never ever talk any smack to us. although i don’t see a majority of germans looking unhealthy, they certainly don’t have great eating habits.

portions are huge here and if you don’t finish every single bite the waiters literally take offense and ask if there was something wrong with your meal.

between all the beer, schnitzel and sausage (and the smoking- why oh why are you all still freaking smoking?!?) i don’t know why germans don’t all weigh 300lbs and walk around with oxygen tanks.

not that i’m complaining, i’m all about the beer and even though i’ve never been a huge fan, I can’t seem to get enough of the sausage around here.

i will say that when jules and i ordered the “meatloaf” we weren’t prepared for it to be an actual loaf of meat. i said “hmm, this tastes like something” and was quickly met with jules telling me “uh, yeah…it is a hotdog. we’re eating a loaf of hotdog”.

not my fave meal i’ve had here, but apparently it is popular. i snapped this shot of the “meatloaf” in full form at a deli in vienna…

Thursday, July 8, 2010


we had a lovely meal at the fado show in lisbon.

perfectly grilled sea bass...

pan-seared rabbit...

little smoked mackrels with citrus and onions...

and delicous little sausages...

i'm not a huge sausage fan and really only like fresh sausage, but i suppose when a southerner gets access to a pork product after 2 months without it they'll take it any which way it comes. i ate like 7 of them.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

flat peaches

if you ever spot these at the farmer's market you should totally get them. i thought we were the peach state...why don't we grow these??