Monday, August 23, 2010

aka- the "winkler"

when we were in goa, india for julie’s 30th last year a dear german friend of ours (whom we privately named the drink after) introduced us to the radler. the perfect summer drink- roughly 2/3 beer, 1/3 sprite…

if you’re american, i can imagine your thoughts are the same as mine when i first heard the ingredients, but seriously give it a try. they’re lighter than beer and a really refreshing drink for the summer heat!

better use for strudel pastry

so vienna is famous for 2 desserts. one is a chocolate cake from the sacher hotel, the sacher torte and their apple strudel or apfelstrudel. i had one and it made me think very little of their dessert opinions so i skipped even trying the second.

behold the (in)famous apfelstrudel...

it was just not good. like so not good i didn't even finish it and i'm not one to leave desserts unfinished. maybe the sacher torte is amazing, but i doubt it.

the one thing i did enjoy were the seasoned mashed potatoes wrapped in strudel pastry that i had with my roast beef. that was a keeper...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


it’s usually pork and it is always fried. whether in vienna or germany you can find it on practically any menu, even if you're at a thai restaurant.

not my fave, but the wife took a liking to it and i suppose we are still trying to get our pork percentage up for the year.