Friday, December 2, 2011

Not a hot pot

We had a delicious meal in one of the small villages at the Longji rice terraces. The weather was a bit foggy, but warm enough to sit outside on the patio with a nice view of the village and terraces.   The lunch was included in our tour and we weren’t expecting much, so we were pleasantly surprised by the myriad of fresh and tasty dishes we were served- soup, chicken with peanuts, cumin spiced beef (sooo good), green veggies and an eggplant stirfry…




We also got to try the local specialty, bamboo rice…


They hollow out the bamboo and then stick it into coals to cook the rice inside.  Ours had pumpkin and pork in it and was a favorite of everyone but me.  It has some taste I didn’t like, but the crispy edges of the rice were really nice- kind of like a good paella.

Walking around the village we saw lots of interesting treats for sale. This one we tasted. It was some sort of honeycomb, crunchy and sweet…


This one we skipped…


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